South India

4 Jul

It was only yesterday or the day before when i was telling Mr Q about my travel journey through India. I told him about the Velankani, the place which is famous for a church and also what happened to it during the Tsunami. He went, ” i thought the Tsunami only affected Indonesia?” I got confused too, but i think now i remember, Aceh was mostly affected but there were other states which were affected, those along the Bay of Bengal like Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh etc. Right?

I think its quite uncharacteristic for a girl to like maps, i do. I love reading maps, ok maybe not when its a lousy map which lacks the proper landmarks and streetnames or maps which i cannot understand. I remember holding a map in one hand and a camera in the other during one of my europe escapades.

Below is a part of the map of India with the little parts i’ve been too during my South India trip.








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