Amazing time :)

10 Jul



Nice surprise to have Eli back again! Miss her animated stories. With Len cooking for us and eli doing the entertaining, dil being het usual self…sadly meg can’t be there with us, poor girl was sick.

Reminiscing old times in secondary school, talking about life and how people drift apart and why it happens, the stupid things we do and yada yada yada.

After dinner and dessert at Seoul garden, we headed to Esplanade and sat side by side talking about why and what happened with our dear friend.

It’s really amazing how we’ve changed so much yet we can mingle like we haven’t missed any time away from each other.

And yes, I believe there is something dil is not saying, whether it’s true or not I do not know. But i’ve accepted that this is how she wants it to be with us because honestly, she didn’t want to say anything. Everyone is busy but we can make time for what we want. I believe our friendship is not what you want to invest your precious time on. I’m sorry if i’ve hurt you unnknowingly.


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