Finale of second SW placement

15 Jul

It was a meaningful 10 weeks at NKF. I had quite a relaxing placement and it was eventful at times. I actually liked working there and today so many of them were asking me to join them after I graduate. Comforting to know they want me back, SW are in demand everywhere so it’s no surprise actually.

The good things about being there was the flexible lunch timing, the proper work life balance, the nice colleagues who didn’t bother me much. They kind of stuck in their cliques most times. A few of them have displayed kindness towards me on some occasions. Thus I decided to give them a note as a symbol of my appreciation.

Those who didn’t receive any note, I guess they should reflect on how they treated me and decide how they treat future interns. Hehe not really but I hope they won’t be offended because even if I wanted to write a note to them, what would I say? ” thank you for saying hi and smiling at me everytime our paths cross?”

The point is I won’t have much to write thus I didn’t.

My last day went by in a breeze, I had a presentation at 9.30 followed by me clearing out stuff at my table. Lunch treated by the head of department ( picture: pineapple rice) and no we didn’t take any photos at Bali Thai. Returned back to office and went all over the building to get clearance and return stuff. Last supervision!

I distributed my butterfly notes before I ‘flew’ off! I think my last few minutes there was the most amount of conversation with the most number of people talking to me.

I wonder why it’s suddenly ok to be warm to someone just because they are leaving? Ok it’s no fault of theirs, they’ve been nice and it could be me sticking to myself, having lunch at my home cooked meal at the table or at home.

Oh well it’s OVER!!! yay!







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