My little nephew whose crawling all around now

15 Jul

Into my room he came crawling, I thought it was because he was looking for me. Aww…so sweet right. But that was not to be, he crawled all the way from the living room to my room, stopping now and then to discover the little things that intrigued him, alas he arrived at the entrance of my room. To the wheels under my drawers he went, fiddling with it and then to the wheels of my chair, to the legs of my bed, to the wires dangling from the laptop and anything he can find near the floor.

Once I placed him lying down on this big pillow with his legs touching the floor and he tried to get up. He tried so hard, pushing himself up and when he does, he ends up in a sitting position! I’ll clap for him with a big smile plastered on my face and he’ll grin back at me, clapping his hands too 😀

I look forward to my holiday so I can play with him and discover the little things in life together with him, with amazement and humour. A daily dose of mukhlis does me good 🙂



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