Muslims all around the world

16 Jul

In conjunction with the approaching Ramadhan, I thought it would be nice to be reminded of Muslims all over the world, where there is peace or war and we would all be fasting. Perhaps then, be more appreciative of the conditions we fast in, which is not as dire as muslims in other parts of the world.

After taking my time to slowly look at each and every of these 45 photos, i’ve decided on a few things. One of which is to make sure i visit any mosque and pray in it during any of my travels. I also feel like celebrating Ramadhan in some of the cities which i am sure would be extremely different.

I travelled from Lappeenranta to London during Ramadhan some years back. I wished i could have done it differently but arent we supposed to accept the easier ways God has provided and treat it as his sedekah? Just like jama’ prayers. I am still disturbed by what the lady in the mosque said to me about it, that it is not allowed unless you’re a traveller. There are several hadith to support it, read here.

It was a link from this blog. I really love the place she lives in! Its beautiful, masyAllah. Or maybe she is just a very talented photographer.


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