Weekend retreat, our style – at home

18 Jul


 I chose this picture for the movie because really a lot (or should i say most)of scenes are taken from this very car. The romance is not much and not that original. Our typical tamil movie where boy catches sight of girl, boy gapes at her while she remains oblivion. Boy coincidentally meets her again and again but she continues on in her oblivion. As in any tamil movies the hero must show off and win the girl’s heart by fighting off the villian(s) and so they find some enemies to fight off and they lived happily ever after.

Source Code

I kind of like this movie, out the world sort and the type of movie Mr Q likes. I find it similar to movies such as The Adjustment Bureau and The Vantage Point i’ve watched recently.

I think the actor looks like the Tamil movie actor Surya, with the unshaven face and short hair. So very much!

The plot is not easy to understand and even at the end, they try to make it seem like a happy ending but it doesnt make sense. After some thought, i begun to understand but some parts of the story just dont follow. Oh well! It is just a movie and only what god creates would be prefect, if he wills 🙂

Just like the Adjustment Bureau, the ‘angels’ try to adjust some peoples’ lives but they fail. Can the real angels fail? Can you imagine the angel reported the wrong thing to God and then they have to adjust it? Just thinking out loud. Well that movie made sense a little more than this one, The Source Code.  



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