Koh Samui ~ Language and the Island

31 Jul


Not many Thais can speak good English, from my experience with the service staff. But they understand perfectly well and that is great.
It’s not the language which makes one feel welcome but how one is treated. Very warm and welcoming, with sa wa dee krap/ka (welcome) and kau boom krap/ka( thank you).

The island

I think I’ve grown to like the little island, the simple roads with no traffic lights yet it’s safe and easy to get around, parking is free everywhere!

Roads tend to be narrow at some parts and one must just get used to sharing the road with the opposite car owner, usually it’s safe. I’ll slow down but they just go on like it’s no big deal. I didn’t heat much honking and I guess Thai drivers aren’t that impatient, if they are, they just overtake.

Below are some snapshots of the car we rented and of the nature:) photos courtesy of Mr Q the multi-tasker; navigator, photographer and many more.







Our way back to the resort was so scary, like a mini roller coaster. These are photos taken in the day so imagine when it’s night time with no street lamps and the road ahead if us wasn’t visible.








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