Koh Samui ~ Activities and places of interest

1 Aug

We cycled a little near Ban Taling Ngam area but it was too hot and we were heading no where so rode back and rented a car.

We went to Hua thanon ( Muslim area) twice, once at night and then again in the morning the next day. Once it’s dark there, don’t expect to buy anything. We were looking for a restaurant but all we saw were street food. Unfortunately I felt a little sick in the stomach just looking at the street food and it reminded me so much of kampung food in Tawau, Sabah where I fell sick. It’s not just Tawau but village food in India also can’t be tolerated by my stomach.

We got halal instant noodles and that was it.


First stop of the day was waterfall 2 (80m high) near Taling Ngam, around 4km drive.

I just liked how free we were to explore the area, climb up, play with the water. I think we're not allowed to swim but we didn't plan to do that anyway 🙂









The next day we went there to have a look at the market ( maybe what the wet market looked like in the 60s inSingapore). After a short walk, we prayed Zuhr with the Thai Muslim men in the 10 year old mosque.

A number of people greeted us with Salam, masyallah.

There are around 160 families living in Hua Thanon summing up to around 600 Muslims in Samui. There is a religious school behind the mosque, where Muslim kids study the religion every weekend. These Muslims can speak both Bahasa Melayu and Thai because their ancestors originate from the patani area which is close to the Malaysia border withThailand.





Lamai beach was another stop where we walked around the ‘pasar malam’ and reached a reclaimed area. It was stinky actually but the sight was gorgeous!








Chaweng beach, the most popular tourist area in Samui was not to be missed. The beach had more people than at Taling Ngam but not overly crowded.

We had lunch at this Lebanese restaurant which served halal food. Before that, we received a flyer from Aladin restaurant not to far away. According to the man, it had halal menu. I’d rather stick to the restaurant which explicitly states it is halal. The food was tasty, Alhamdulilah, not too expensive too!

On our last day, we stayed at the resort and enjoyed our last few hours there kayaking around a little and then swimming in the pretty swimming pool. I guess that is why Mr Q has a nice tan 🙂






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