Double date

7 Aug

After breaking fast together at Ramen Tan, we headed for the movies!







Captain America was indeed a great action movie. Some parts about the Nazis reminded me of the x-men movie.

There is something about movies taken about (in the) past which attracts me!

The time of the nazi also reminded me of some of the ghastly movies, sound recordings and photos I saw in the House of Terror in Budapest. After my trip to the museum, I exited the building feeling very disturbed and my mind wandered back sometimes. It was a scary time! I heard from other travelers that their visits to the concentration camps in Poland and Berlin were worse.

Back to Captain America! Captivating and pulled me into the story from the very beginning. I liked the specks of humor and romance here and there. I hated that his best friend had to die 😦

Yet I felt the movie was similar to many Other such movies like spiderman, xmen, superman… There is this obsession to conquer the world and to do so, they absorb as much power as possible.

Entertaining nonetheless!


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