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Middle east day @NUS

30 Sep

I didn’t really participate in it but I heard middle eastern music most of the day and walked around the exhibition:)





Simply us

27 Sep

Dinner and movie night!

I don’t know how she does it was trying to be together with the times on how women have to juggle career and family. Why is it the husband don’t have to struggle to do it?

Thinking about it, gender inequality is everywhere and they exist in different forms. Some just mor apparent than others.

But me, I dont strive to be equal men. I just want women to be treated well wherever they are. For that, women don’t have to be equal men, in my humble opinion. Men and women are just made differently, aren’t they? *still pondering if my arguments make logical sense*




Madrasah pattinam

20 Sep


Seemed like the epic love story of the century but the ending was not that predictable and sad:(
I loved how the story developed and grow into the climax. It goes without saying that I LOVE the setting; of the 40s.
Thinking about it, I just realized it is a kind of female oppression as the girl was not allowed to marry the man of her choice but to marry another person.

Another thought about the plot: I concluded that she married her fiancé but turns our he died too so I wonder why she couldn’t go back to India earlier and only after the death of her husband.


18 Sep

I don’t know what is it with sunsets that I love so much. I remember the different sunrise and sunset I caught in the various parts of Europe and how much I loved them.


My dearest nephew

17 Sep

He turned 1 yesterday. Alhamdulilah that he is a wonderful, fun-to-play with little boy (though it’s tiring to entertain him for so long). I miss him when he is not around. He is so grown up now, walking while he hold the handles along the way and sometimes fall down. Poor boy, looks so pitiful when he cries, you just can’t help but to hug him.







First trip to U town!

15 Sep

I was like an excited kid when I took shuttle bus D1 into u town for lunch at Koufu. (I had my doubts about it’s halal food only after eating there because the plates were placed together with other plates unlike in other canteens)

Anyway I took a few shots if the place which looks really nice and spacious. Definitely conducive study environment. Nice views from the labs too. Can you believe there is a lab just for Mac users? There is the other one for non-Mac users as well.20110915-094412.jpg






Random shots from the tiring weekend

13 Sep





Just the book I was looking for

9 Sep

I’ve updated this in my library but this book deserves the ‘main page’ 🙂
After reading similar romance, mystery and thriller novels, I craved for something different. When I saw the old book stand at central forum in school I browsed for a long time while sipping chilled Milo taken from the Milo truck.

Definitely a must read a princess’s account of her childrens’ lives in the royal family and how the paternalistic nature of the Arab nations affect the lives of many. This is followed by the best seller Princess which I contemplated buying but didn’t buy.

I felt inclined (at many points in the book)to study the social problems there and be a social worker there. It’s about bringing about change. I do wonder if the culture is entrenched deep in the women there that they won’t want to change.

There were many islamic aspects in the book which non-Muslims can benefit gain knowledge of. As for me, some parts were more culture than religion. Them being of royal ancestry were lavish and I’m still not sure of their stand on drinking alcohol, whether it’s allowed in their understanding (or misunderstanding) of the Quran. Men were portrayed as taking parts of the Quran and having interpretations of it that allows them the flexibility to satisfy their greedy needs and especially carnal desires.

I’m looking forward to Desperate in Dubai! It’s out on the UAE so I hope my brother can get it. Just like Daughters of Arabia, it’s written based on true stories and really gives a varied impression of the middle east. It’s also more recent than this book I’ve read which was published in 1992.

I found it very difficult to believe some parts of the book because of the beast-like nature of men portrayed in the book. Sad but true?

Maybe it’s this very nature of wanting to do something – to advocate for change that appeals me most about being a social worker.


Outing with our in laws

6 Sep

To quote my fil, “A wonderful evening”
I felt it went well too, it started quite according to plan, my surprise I hoped really worked. The timing was perfect for beautiful shots utilizing the natural lights of the sunset sky. The older people enjoyed chatting leisurely while the younger ones enjoyed the view.

After lots of photos, headed to feed some fishes and saw this really nice place and my mum really like olden days stuff so she was thrilled. Unfortunately we couldn’t eat there because we had to catch our evening prayers. We were starved and when the food arrived, it disappeared in no time!

Mr Q was also extra xxx so there a thoroughly wonderful evening.







I’m lovin’ it!

2 Sep