He is too distracting

14 Oct

The past week was a roller coaster. It’s not totally over yet as I have assignments to complete. My list of things is getting longer by the hour. I really wonder why I feel more stressed out this semester despite taking 3 modules instead of the usual 4-5 modules. Perhaps because I have to go to school 5 times a week? Plus all the other commitments I have is weighing me down.

It has unfortunately come to a point where I have to go to school to complete work because the home is too distracting with little Mukhlis. He was born 2 semesters ago but it has not affected me that badly till now. Of course I feel sad, it’s not just he comes looking for me but I will seek him out, watch as he sleeps, carry him so I can hug him *sigh* hope my mother understands and doesn’t think I’m just running away from babysitting.


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