Ah delicacies!

17 Oct

To carousel we went for hi-tea and had our lun-din. Can’t believe I am posting this while I’m starving. Oh well, we started with some light delicacies like the popish which was delicious, while he had pita and chicken shawarma (ah sweet memories of siwa) and some local rojak.

Vegetarian bee hoon and crab nuggets came together with my popiah. After some local food, we had some fresh raw sushi, salmon and little sandwiches.

There was chicken porridge, laksa, gado-gado, nasi lemak. We tried nasi lemak and chicken porridge and i really liked them.

Dessert was the best part! Spoilt for choices with chocolate fondue, cakes, puddings, tarts and our all time favorite – warm chocolate mousse(y) brownie with cold ice cream! 20111017-141428.jpg20111017-141636.jpg20111017-141707.jpg20111017-141721.jpg20111017-141732.jpg20111017-141747.jpg20111017-141800.jpg20111017-141820.jpg20111017-141901.jpg20111017-141916.jpg20111017-141943.jpg20111017-142006.jpg20111017-142023.jpg20111017-142035.jpg20111017-142046.jpg20111017-142110.jpg20111017-142122.jpg

2 Responses to “Ah delicacies!”

  1. adilah October 17, 2011 at 3:59 pm #

    the food look so yummy now i shall bug reyas to bring me here again

    • parv~.~ October 17, 2011 at 4:59 pm #

      Yeap 🙂 go on! Haha it did feel like I was in some hotel overseas because the people are so polite there 🙂

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