Uni life can be so rich if…

21 Oct

…i had more friends to accompany me to events, seminars, dance workshops, all sorts of crazy workshops they have at NUS.

Currently, i am at the stage of my life in which friends and family are important people but i wont stop myself from doing what i like even if i do it alone. Similar to the stance i took when i was in Finland for exchange, something was up with the girls i travelled to Finland with so i didnt let it bother me and plan my journeys alone. If i were to wait for others, i would have not met the wonderful people on my journeys and witnessed the beautiful places (Masyallah).

Back to the matter at hand, rich university life if i had company to attend all the wonderful events. I signed up for a few to date just because the topic interest me and now i had the time to attend them.

Today’s event was a dialogue session; the Second China-India-Singapore Dialogue on Higher Education held at University Hall.

I was quite excited for it because education in the western world has received so much attention and recognition for as long as I’ve studied, besides education in Singapore of course. Of late, I have been reading and hearing on higher education in India and the richness of the Indian culture intrigues me.

There were 3 speakers in the first half of the session which i attended. I left after lunch as i had a lecture to attend.

The first speaker was the President of South University of Science and Technology of China. He spoke of challenges of setting up a new university and bringing it up to 1st class standards in the shortest possible time through the use of a different education model from the west. As science and technology is continually evolving beyond just the single discipline and employment opportunities are looking at not just the depth but breadth of knowledge as well, they are looking at abolishing department and having research institutes instead.

The second speaker was Professor Pankaj Chandra from an Indian Institute of Management (Bangalore) He discussed the higher education framework from a very macro perspective with regards to governance. Interesting point to note was that universities are around for hundreds of years and the difficulties of self-regulating and improving, moving forward. There are multitude of opportunities for the sector to grow, change and improve.

Lastly, Prof Tan Chorh Chuan, President of NUS.

Firstly i must comment on how he looks, very young! I imagined the President looking like the President of Singapore; matured with white thinnning hair. The President of NUS looked like he was in his 30s and really tall. I think many students dont know the Presidents/ Chairmans/ Deans of their school/ institutions like i didnt know how the Head of NYP School of Business Management looked like till perhaps the day of my graduation.

He shared alot of stuff i didnt know and it happened right here in Singapore like the corporatization of NUS in 2006 and what it involved and still going on.

After which, a Q and A followed and i quite enjoy some of the questions asked and comments made. One thing i took away was what Prof Zhu from China said when asked why are they trying to redesign the university model when the world’s best universities in the west have the model which is most used now througout the world? According to international rankings, you (China University which is aiming at a different model) wont score so well because the ranking system is according to a different education model. He also spoke of Steve Jobs and Bill Clinton who were drop-outs and so what is all the fuss about competing to be better in higher education?

I dont know if the Prof answer was to the point but i still liked it.

China and India have existed for so much longer than the west and have very rich cultures and long heritage thus they look at the world as a whole but the west breaks the world into many pieces and then try to put them together piece by piece.

I think he is trying to mean the different disciplines and how we have to look at them together.






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      Thank you! 🙂

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