Sundays affairs

23 Oct

The first wedding was our family friend’s son’s wedding. We didn’t get to see the bride and groom. However, we had a disturbing experience.

When we arrived, we were greeted warmly by the groom’s father and went to sit at a table where a woman was sitting alone. She started talking to us like we knew each other for a long time. I went to take food from the buffet with Mr Q. While walking back, someone stopped me and told me to beware of the lady sitting with us as they don’t know who she was and she has been asking people’s number. I was shaken and I’m not sure if the woman sensed my changed demeanor towards her.

I saw that my mother has written her address and home number on the piece of paper with her hand resting on it. I immediately grabbed the paper and passed it to Mr Q, true enough when we turned it over we saw many other telephone numbers of the people she collected.

She didn’t claim to know anyone but she did say her friend asked her to sit here, after that she grabbed someone and acted all friendly but it turns out that girl didn’t know her either.


She was talking to my parents’ ex-colleague all friendly telling about her 5 younger brothers, she is unmarried. Her youngest brother is 9 but she looks almost 40 herself… She claims to know the famous people and they were her relation.

After that my mother was a little freaked out what-more when she started talking to my father and mother butt in and told her he was always busy. She said that she was looking for a bride for her brother but couldn’t give any details as that her mother will deal with.

But if she really was, she should not be taking people ‘s contact instead be giving out her own.
Something was up with her but I couldn’t quite place it.

At the second wedding, we saw mainly the relatives! It was quite nice 🙂 it’s colour theme was golden yellow contrasted with black.





















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