On the way to Dalat

4 Dec

Upon arriving at the Tan Son Nhat Airport of Ho Chi Minh City, we headed out to the city centre where we got our Phong Trang bus tickets to Dalat. We left on the next bus to Dalat 15 minutes later.

Phuong Trang Group (ticket office: Pham Ngu Lao Street, District 1, HCMC)

I learnt all about Phuong Trang Group throughout our 4 days there both in HCMC and Dalat. It is not just a bus company but it has all modes of transportation and the toilet/meal stops are also owned by them. It is a big company! I like their business idea too 🙂

Phuong Trang bus company is supposedly the best, recommended by a number of different travellers on several forums i visited. I would like to recommend their comfortable buses for long journeys too. We each get free bottled water and wet tissue. There is a free shuttle bus to your hotel upon arrival at the International Bus Interchange at Dalat (i believe its the same for other destinations but i cant be sure). Most importantly, all seats are reclined to a comfortable level with more than enough leg room for stretching.

The journey to Dalat

It was a pleasant journey though a little long. I knew the journey was between 6-8 hours but i was hoping hard that it was the former but it took exactly 8 hours including 2 fifteen minutes toilet breaks and 1 thirty minutes toilet/ meal break.

The scenery was quite nice and i couldnt help but snap snap snap as we went along towards Dalat. The bus was comfortable enough to sleep as well (i dont normally sleep in buses that easily). I think after some time, i was too excited to reach Dalat to sleep at all. I witnessed beautiful colours in the sky during sunset as we mounted the highland. Sunset was pretty early at 5.20pm (i think), well 5 plus. We arrived at 6.15pm but it felt so late because its been dark for sometime and of course 300km is a long journey.

Checked into Dreams Hotel (1) which was just 5 minutes walk from the city centre and 2 minutes walk to the vegetarian restaurant we visit every evening for dinner. There are no Indian restaurants nor halal ones to the best of our knowledge.










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