We’re saddened by the death of one of the fishes

9 Dec

Innalillah wa inna illahi raajiun.

I’m deeply saddened when my brother called me to join in the commotion outside where a fish just died. It has been with us for around for 10 months.

Actually it’s my brother’s fish investment. But over time we grow to get used to having the fish around though it’s my father who usually feed them and clean the tank. After some time, my father’s off day was a day for a feast for them as they would get frogs instead of worms.

I don’t look at them much though the tank is right outside my room.

The fish’s death still affected us all. I think it has to be the way it looked in its death, sad and like it suffocated to death; it’s fins and tail were bitten, it’s body has a few red marks. We do not know the cause of death but it didn’t look like a peaceful death.

It used to be the quieter fish which would not eat the frog or the worms as fast as the bigger fishes.




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