Purposeless day

26 Dec

It’s not totally purposeless since I have lesson. I’m grateful HE protects me.

On the contrary to my title, if it feels like a purposeless day, perhaps something is missing from our life. Something we have lost touch with due to our obsession with this world and it’s contents.

It reminds me that i must better myself always in the religious aspect to a large extent and worldly aspect to a small extent. Remind myself of our purpose here, in this world full of temptations and distractions.

For those who don’t know the meaning of surah Al-fatihah, I humbly suggest we find out and it will make our daily prayers much more meaningful, InsyAllah.

A suggestion: watch bro Abu Mussab’s lecture titled ” one way to paradise” on YouTube. InsyAllah it will bring us great benefit.



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