Should I give up?

28 Dec

When I want to take riding license i decided to just go ahead with it. Before enrolling, I casually mention to my mother that I will be doing so.
Me: I’m going to the driving school then to school.
Mother: why? Someone has a driving test?
Me: no.
Mother: (after some wrong guesses) you’re taking riding?
Me: ya.
Mother: what for?
Me: I just want to learn. Not to buy a bike but to be able to. The drive to be able to is so strong where there was the option to ride in Thailand and Vietnam at such a low price.
Mother: no need lah… Its usually the guys who do the riding.
Me: but Mr Q doesn’t want to learn so I shall go.
Mother didn’t say anymore but she was still unconvinced.

Even my father discouraged me until he started giving me tips on how to ride.

No one else said anything. As for Mr Q he agreed and supported my decision to learn.

Theory was a breeze!

I was discouraged when practical started. It was tougher than I imagined. Scary even. I still looked forward to my weekly lessons. Lesson 2 was ok, I managed mediocrely and my confidence level went up.

I had lesson 3 today.

First was slope. Scary scary but after one time it was cool. Easy after a while.

Second was crank course and figure 8.I felt like giving up!!! For the first time since I decided to take up the license. I was the only girl and the only one who can’t manage. I could feel the stares and just wanted to go home 😦
After umpteen tries I managed figure 8 slowly. There is a time limit of 11 seconds. So I’d still fail. The crank course is still unmanageable.

Confidence level -10.

I really don’t want to give up but will
I be able to do it?

There are other issues like whether a muslim girl should take this license? Whether I will be able to pillion a girl in lesson 5? Whether I can ever pass? Whether I can even go through lesson 3? Should I go on till the pillion riding lesson and then give up? So I can learn even more? Is it worth it?
I should pray instikharah.

It feels like such a waste since I spent so much time, energy and money already. To think of it, it’s not all wasted like my ‘A’ levels maybe ?

Since I’ve shared so much, more than I usually will. Maybe anyone has ideas, suggestions, answers, comments… Do leave them for me ya 🙂

Thanks for reading especially of you’ve come to the end of the post.


3 Responses to “Should I give up?”

  1. Rey December 29, 2011 at 8:53 am #

    I think you need some tips about riding. When I took licences, I do see muslim gal wearing scarf come for bike licence..even i see some muslim gals took class 2A…for pillion riding you can request for gal rider coz in ubi most instructor are malays so they can understand…I do have friend who took TP for 6 times,,,then sameem took almost 1 year to finish his bike licences…To pass TP, i find it bike easy to pass coz the TP not sit beside you so if ur engine stall or which gear are you he unable to check,,,,As i said before, u just need extra private lesson,,,which is practices makes prefect,,,Don’t be discourage that if you fail many times,,,take it as practice…u just need more practice thats all…To ubi way,,,they defiently will fail ple about 2-3 times although ple ride properly….

  2. rey December 29, 2011 at 10:41 am #


    i just feel you need more tips & practices…when i take bike licence, i do see muslim gal wearing scarf take bike licence & i do see some took class 2A also…For the pillion lesson, you can request for gal to be your pillion….usually in ubi most instructor are malays so they will understand…dont be discourage if u fail many times coz i do have friend who pass after 6-7 times in TP…if u fail take it as practices…as i believe practices make things prefect…I do practices privately before i take bike licence…sameem took almost one year to take his bike licence,,,,,to do figure 8 u can practice with bicycle i do practice like that…for slope there is some techiques….u have to rmb the techniques….i feel Bike TP is easy to pass then car coz if engine stall,which gear the TP instructor won’t know…

    • parv~.~ January 19, 2012 at 1:57 pm #

      Thanks Reyas! I didnt realise i have comments. the last lesson the instructor actually didnt pass 3 of us, me and 2 guys. Then one guy argue with the instructor. The instructor say ok lah you want to pass, i pass you. He asked me and another guy. We said of course want to pass lah. haha but so funny…our timing for the figure 8 was like 11.4 seconds, mine was 12.5 seconds. Haha dont know lah just go on and see how

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