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Kargil to Leh

14 Oct

Its a rainbow! It was raining a little before that and when i spotted the rainbow, i got so excited and told the husband. The driver noticed my excitement and stopped the car so that i could take photos and admire the beauty of a full rainbow. I might be ‘jakon’ but it was really the first time seeing a rainbow with all the seven colours; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Lamayuru Monastery

We were stuck in a landslide so the vehicles have to queue and wait for the BRO to clear the rocks which fell.

Every turn the driver took, i wanted to snap photos. After a while, i stopped myself to enjoy the scenery which surrounds us and soak it up. The air is so fresh and clean. The sky so blue and clouds so crisp. Ahhh…the beauty of Ladakh is beyond words which explains why i typed so little once we started our journey. We also spoke very little to one another.
The tedious but wonderous journey was over 2 days but one wouldnt feel the time ticking because the beauty which surrounded us awed us almost every second. I felt like stopping the car; kick off my shoes and sit by the side of the road and watch the mountains. Serenity depicts the scenery. The first day’s journey was pleasantly interrupted by our visit to Sonmarg which i’ve uploaded photos of earlier. We set off to Kargil where we reached at 7pm on the 1st day of the journey. We checked into this Rs5oo guesthouse and went out to look for food. In Kargil, there were mostly muslims so food was not much of a problem. At 7pm it was really dark so we couldnt see much of Kargil. We left Kargil at 6.30am so again we didnt see much of it. But i bet you it is beautiful, set amongst mountains. Kargil used to be the capital of Ladakh but due to some reasons, it became Leh.

We reached Leh in 6 hours on the second day. We were stuck in traffic here and there and that was common since the roads were rocky and it was too narrow; only 2 lanes. Some were actually big enough for 1 vehicle. Especially when there are army trucks, we have to wait for them to pass. The turns through the mountains were crazy. The drivers must be really experienced to manoeuver the turns as other vehicles might be approaching from the opposite direction.

You must experience Ladakh to know how it feels. Words just dont do justice.

We reached Leh around mid day.


Opps i realised that i have more photos from the journey from Sonmarg to Kargil…maybe i will post them next. Or maybe i shall just move on to Leh 🙂


Sonmarg to Kargil

11 Oct












10 Oct

We arranged directly with the Taxi Union for our 2 day trip to Leh from Srinagar.

On the way to Leh, we stopped for 3 hours at Sonmarg. Had a great time riding ponies for 2 hours and lots of aches all over for the next 2 days. I wanted to see the thajiwas glacier and the poniwala brought us to see the bottom half of it (4km) and we needed to travel even more(8km) by pony to see the whole glacier. My legs were aching even though it was the pony which was doing all the walking. Oh well sights were great, we paid the ponywalla Rs500 in total.

Srinagar for the second time

7 Oct

I always believe on traveling on your own rather than with tour because it would definitely make it more real, the experience of the place.

This is my second visit to srinagar and it felt so different; perhaps because the city has evolved or even because we did things differently. On my first visit, we had a guide who spoke to us in English and was the ‘barrier’ between us and the locals. He looked after us well. We lived in a beautiful, antique looking boat house. We travelled up to Gulmarg. We stopped for fresh strawberries on the way up. We ate hot parathas before embarking up the mountain. It was fun!

This time, we toured in srinagar and visited Sonmarg instead. We didnt really enjoy very good food but it was nice and relaxing the way i planned the whole trip. Totally against my wishing. I yearn for adventure and fun on most trips. We had our fair share of adventure on Delhi so i guess the level of fun we had dwindled down but the amazing sights made up for it.

We arranged with an auto driver to bring us to a few places and to bring us to a place for lunch and negotiated for Rs600. I really wanted to see the tulip garden which is rows and rows of beautiful tulips but I guess its not in season so we went to this other garden which is quite normal. Followed by Hazratbal Mosque. He didn’t know where to bring us for lunch so we ended up at this resort where there is no other guests and we had super expensive lunch for Rs800. The auto driver, Fayyaz actually wanted us to pay him more when he dropped us off but we told him its not fair to ask more when the price was pre-agreed. This experiences upset me because we might come from Singapore but it really doesn’t mean we are rich and we bathe is cash! We also have budget and we need holidays because it’s so stressful working and living in such an expensive place like singapore.

We had dinner at Mughal Darbar, a place which i’ve heard about that serves good food and we could actually walk there from our hotel. The restaurant was a little dirty though. Food was pretty ok. Not that good.

Dal lake where most boathouses are in Srinagar and also what it is known for.

This was one of the gardens we visited. I wanted to visit the Tulip garden only but it was not in season, guess i should have checked properly. Husband said he will bring me to see the Tulip garden one day, not in Srinagar though. Yay! 🙂 I think gardens all over the world are quite similar and yea beautiful but i wanted to see rows and rows of tulips or other flowers.

The shikara which locals used. The tourists’ shikara (little boat) are much more decorated and beautiful.

Hazratbal Mosque – it is under renovation so didnt look so pretty but it was nice and peaceful to have a picnic at the area behind the moque. The mosque compound is huge.


Even more pigeons! I caught them in action and no we didnt feed them.

Ahh, such beauty! We were walking along the bridge…we walked alot in srinagar. It was nice and cold so it didnt matter very much. I even had ice cream even though it was cooling.