Gardens by the bay

28 Dec

I’m disappointed yet again. Really I’m now convinced that there is absolutely nothing locals can enjoy here except the food. My recent visits to the East coast beach and today to gardens by the bay was disappointing.


The only fascinating thing was the super grove trees which one can see while driving on ECP.


Besides that, I couldn’t find the dragonflies in the huge dragonfly lake which was a man made lake with absolutely nothing to see. It’s just a lake. Oh as usual there are a couple of man made mammoth sized dragonflies in the middle of the lake.

We walked through almost all of the garden area except for the conservatories. Could it be all free admission areas so they were BORING? The fruit and flower area had no fruit and flowers except a few. The undercover area which was suppose to feature mushrooms and such had no mushrooms at all. I started wondering I something was wrong with the signs.

Enjoy some of the photos we took of the Super grove trees. We didn’t pay $5 for the OCBC skywalk because to be honest the canopy walk in Macritchie is way better. The bridge wasn’t that high so I’m not sure what we are supposed to be able to see from there.

I gave this place a try because my mum wanted to go and because gardens meant flowers and mum loves flowers. There were flowers along the way but nothing unusual. Perhaps we would have seen more unique flowers in the conservatories.







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