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Challenges at the beginning of motherhood

28 Jun

I’m still trying to find the balance of me time and baby time. Amidst learning how mother this little boy of mine – his sleeping and feeding patterns are not fixed yet and I’m not sure if it will fix on its own or it’s up to me. Im just thankful when he sleeps longer because it means free time for me and that he grows better if he sleeps more. When he is awake I find activities to do with him to maximize learning. I’m doing my best but there is more to do however i hope it’s enough for now at least.

I’m certain of one thing, it’s a pleasure watching him sleep!


Of gifts and visitors

23 Jun

We were overwhelmed by visitors; family and friends. It was crazy yet I can’t recall how I nursed him amidst all the craze and business. I think he nursed less frequently and slept more during that period.

My mother, grandmother and nephew were the first visitors. Followed by in-laws and uncles, aunties, cousins, colleagues, friends from school…you can imagine our exhaustion and mental fatigue.

And so…these are some of what we received or rather what visitors brought for baby.

Visitors are still coming by the house and bringing gifts so these are from everyone…











Of bringing DS into this world

22 Jun

So much went by from the time I admitted myself into the hospital until the time I reach home and even after that.

I shall a summarize it with these phrases;

Under the surgeon’s knife I went, to get you out of me safe and sound.

I felt numb until I heard your first cries when nothing but pure joy filled my soul as tears streamed down my tear-stained cheeks.

I yearned for a look of your angelic face, one I’ve been waiting to see for 10 months long.

They made me wait even longer before I set eyes on you for the very first time and kissed you lightly on your soft cheeks.

When your father whispered prayers in your ear, you were quietly listening.

The explainable joy of having my first skin-to-skin contact with you lying peacefully on my chest was one never i forget. Love overwhelmed my heart and overcame all else.

You skillfully latched onto me after several failed attempts. Good job my lil man. Never lose the fighting spirit to persevere despite hardships.

Pain was there with me every step of the way and it only got worse before it became better. For that I thank Allah, our creator and the creator or all creations.

Fatigue and sleeplessness drained me dry lest i forget the joys of motherhood.

Your occasional smiles melt my heart for you smile while asleep.

Watching your peaceful and satiated face after a feed brings just joy and satisfaction to my heart, that I was able to do that for you. Alhamdulilah.

Visitors come and just stare as you sleep or watch them with your large wondering eyes.

Today at 8 days old, you made me tear with joy at just watching you sleep so peacefully, slightly twisted to your right and your little hands cupped below your chin, tiny legs crossed over the other. I believe you were in this position my womb…thus the comfort of sleeping on your side now. Alhamdulilah. Your tiny movements and stretches while you stir in your sleep is so intriguing to watch. Masyallah the creation of Allah is so amazing.