6 Jul

Dear son,

You’ve been a ‘bundle of joy’ so far and my unending love for you is only increasing as the day go by, no matter the difficulties. The saying is in inverted commas because its such a cliche and not because it’s not true!

It’s been a little more than 3 weeks since you came into our lives and occupied every part of our sleeping and waking moments. Alhamdulilah. Even while you sleep, people who visit just comment on how well you sleep but only your ummi and ayah know the truth. (Your nyayi, Mami siti, aunty Adilah commented that you sleep a lot)

You’re just a baby with a few basic needs; to eat, poop, pee, burp and sleep. Sometimes you get cranky when you’re struggling with any of the above-mentioned. To be honest, I try to relieve you to the best of my knowledge most of the time. There are times your ummi is so tired I just snooze for a few minutes before I wake up with a start to tend to your needs.

It’s not a checklist your ayah think it is; diaper change check, drank milk check, burp check…” What else could he want?” your ayah wonders out loud. It’s trial and error for us to guess what your next need is.

Your ummi is getting used to your cluster feeds and the queer feeding behavior at times but other breastfeeding mothers shared that its all pretty normal and with time…you’ll grow out of it😉

Motherhood is great! Some days are better than others. Alhamdulilah for everything. With hardship comes ease, no? InsyAllah Ameen.

What I’m enjoying right now is…teaching you little things, talking to you about the day, watching you move yourself on the crawling track with much ease after some difficulties but you’re a pro my boy! I also love looking into your deep, wide eyes as you stare back at me.

Your ayah and i really love the cute sounds (cooing and ahhing) you make ever so often when you are awake and satisfied after your feeds!

With love,
Your ummi (who will always love you)


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