Happy pills

8 Jul

The conversation at the doctors went like this:

Mum was carrying him today so she sat next to the doctor with baby Ilyas.

Doc: so you’re here for the jaundice level check right?

Mum: yes.

*we were both eagerly waiting to hear the results as its been a long tiring few weeks of going to and from the polyclinic so we were really hoping it will be good news*

Doc: you’ve been here 6 times for the past 25 days and its quite a few times.
Today his jaundice level is 99. We discharge babies once jaundice level reaches below 100. It’s still not normal but it’s in a downward trend so we will discharge. Normal range should be below 50.

I was filled with relief! Alhamdulilah. It’s not just the dressing up, packing his bag, carrying him, troubling my mum to drive me there and stay with me, queuing up for registration, lab test, watching as the medical technologist draw 2 fine tubes of his blood, waiting for a while to see the doctor afterwards EVERY SINGLE VISIT. I bet my mum was relieved too!

Doc: he is exclusively breastfed right?

Mum: ya she does.

Doc: that’s really good and you should continue as its good for him and generally breastfed babies have jaundice longer and it takes longer to drop. Just continue to monitor him and if you notice his eyes are yellowish, you can bring him in.

Mum: ok. she wants to weigh him, can she?

Doc: yea sure.

Mum carried him and places him on the weighing scale. Doc was standing there.

Doc: how heavy was he when he was born?

Me: 3kg and then it dropped to 2.8kg.

Doc: yea it’s normal for babies to lose weight and then they will gain a few grams everyday after. He should be around 3.4kg now.

We looked down at the scale and it read 3.41kg. Alhamdulilah, it was driving me nuts not knowing if he is growing well since I see him everyday. I did notice that he was heavier but still…

Spot on doc! He wasn’t looking! Oh well it was one of the more pleasant doctor visits with Ilyas. Turns out he is an Indian Muslim doctor we gathered when we left his office. He even has the husband name. Some doctors just tell us the jaundice level and we leave. I realized I forgot to request for the patients copy of the lab results. It’s ok! He is in the clear! ☺


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