Of smiling and sleeping

9 Jul

He is smiling more as the days go by; usually it’s after a feed with his eyes closed. I tried getting a shot of it but still unsuccessful. Maybe I should just bask in the moments I instead of trying to capture them!

He didn’t sleep so well today and I was getting worried. He would feed, burp, rest, cry, regurgitate sometimes, rest, cry, feed and it goes on for a few hours. As long as he is awake he feed more often. I’m not sure if he has reflux but I know I should keep him upright after feed. I just get tired and put him down if he is asleep. Sometimes he sleeps well but other times he wakes up because he had to burp. I tried to burp him for the x number of times on my chest and he appeared so relaxed so I left him there and he fell asleep. Alhamdulilah. Maybe that’s how I have to keep him upright. I’m still learning as I go along. It felt great to hold him on my chest as I hear his shallow breathing while h sleeps soundly!


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