Attachment issues?

24 Jul

It feels odd, different. Something is a miss, something i held with me for 10 months and 40 days.

The 10 months was within me and 40 days was carrying him close to me in a sling.

I’m sure he misses his ummi as much as his ummi misses him or perhaps even more! I like it that he wants me no matter whether I’m smelly or dirty. I love that he needs me and can smell me from far! I love the fact that being near him gives him comfort.

I’m sure his Emma will take very good care of him. And she is more than willing to do so!

I wonder how it will be when I go back to work…

P.s it’s been 3 years since we embarked on a journey together and InsyAllah we will have many more years together till Jannah. Ameen.

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