Poop accident! Not again!

29 Jul

I had a nice morning to myself when DS was asleep. He usually doesn’t sleep after 6am but this morning was a little different.

When he woke up, I was on great spirit because I was ready for him, to meet his every need 😉

We did some fun activities before preparing for his bath. Usually I undress him before my mum bathe him. As I was taking my time to clean his butt from some poop when without any indication, he pooped out everywhere on his changing mat, bed sheet, the floor, prayer may on the floor and on my clothes and hand!

I went crazy! Screamed for mum to come help me. While i was still freaking out about the poop, he peed upwards all over his body and face!

Mum came after a while and told me what to clean😔 She was rushing to bathe her elder grandson and bring him to school.

Lots of clean up! Life of a mother😊

***this is not the first time I got peed and pooped on! I learnt a few things to prevent this from happening like being watchful if tell take signs when he is about to pee or poop but sometimes there are other distractions and these things take split second to occur.


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