Of relatives and festivities – first of such for DS

9 Aug

I wonder why I miss him today despite carrying him and nursing him. I held him close to me but perhaps not as much as I would when it’s just me and my baby at home all day.

Everyone wanted to carry him; relatives near and far. I didn’t mind but just miss him every time I’m not physically with him.

I wanted to take a photo with DH and DS but didn’t get the opportunity until the last house. DS was fast asleep already by then. He slept quite a bit during the day as well. Alhamdulilah a well behaved boy 🙂 my family also helped with him.

I love you dearly my dear boy!

You will sleep with ummi today so I can keep kissing your cheeks.

I think someone reminded me to enjoy this time with DS. I forgot to look past the challenges and embrace the wonders.


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