Reflections of a mother

21 Aug

It’s painful to watch a mother being treated not too nicely by her sons. Perhaps there are daughters who treat their mothers badly but its more common with the sons.

I’ve secretly wanted a boy for my firstborn and Alhamdulilah Allah gave me a boy. Nonetheless, I would have been as thrilled to have a girl. Why did I want a boy? Hmm I don’t know I’ve always liked little boys. They appear cuter to me than little girls in their pink everything. It’s irks me to see little girls with makeup, a little handbag, miniature high heels and their halter necks with a matching mini skirt. Of course I’ve seen cute little girls and liked them. Oh please I was a little girl myself not too long ago.

When I unfortunately witness unkind treatment towards the poor mothers of the ungrateful sons, I wince, as if a sharp knife pierced through my heart.

I wonder what it would be like for me. Of course all is in His hands and I do’a for the best for my son. But I must be prepared for even the best of sons would have wives to please and families to tend to. I must be prepared for sons would slowly move away from the mothers whose world changed when their sons were born. I must harden my sensitive heart to contain the pain and smile through it all.

DS has not been himself lately and it’s not easy tending to a overtired baby at the end of the day for by then the mother is also overtired. Is there such a word in the mothers’ vocabulary? Guess not! Well to be honest I’m not sure what being himself is, since he is different so much. His sleeping patterns change as he grows. It’s like as soon as I get used to his ways, he decides to find a new way. Sometimes I go crazy and other times I remind myself that he is a baby who needs me, his ummi and I love him dearly so I should patiently tend to his every single need. InsyAllah Allah will give me the strength to give my all no matter the returns.

The other day; I was thinking out loud with the husband on whether it is worth it to be a SAHM or continue building my career and chase my dreams. Well I’m still thinking about it! It’s never an easy decision to leave your dreams and be with your kids. I wonder how my mother did it…



One Response to “Reflections of a mother”

  1. Nur' Adilah August 22, 2013 at 9:14 pm #

    Be sahm i highly support it. If i can i want too..

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