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Riding after slightly more than a year

27 Sep

Everything happened so fast! I got my long-awaited bike license end August 2012.

Left for a trip to India with DH hoping to take some leisurely rides through the laid back city of Leh while breathing in the fresh air and soaking in the beauty of the countryside. DH said no! 😦 perhaps its not meant to be…

Returned back to Singapore and I don’t know exactly when it happened but I was expecting a beautiful little baby. Not one to jeopardize a wonderful life changing experience of a lifetime, I put any thoughts of riding far away. My colleague likes to say DS was made on Ladakh. Oh well who knows? Haha what’s important is he was made 😉

So what happened last weekend when we were in a my aunt’s place in Malaysia and my brother’s bike was parked in the garage? While the baby was napping, I took it for a spin. I struggled a lot with the gears because honestly my brother’s bike is like his bantal busuk, it has been with him for like almost 10 years through thick and thin! It’s in quite terrible condition. It’s also a much smaller bike compared to the CDC’s bikes which and bigger and more stable and of course on good riding condition for learners. My brother’s bike is not automatic so have to kick start every time the engine goes kapoot! My poor daddy would run to where I’d be trying to kick start the bike without success. Daddy would ask me to get down and he would start it back for me. After several times, it turned out I kept holding full clutch when I kick start so it won’t work! How silly of me!

My daddy shows his love in ways you would overlook if you didn’t look closely.


It feels like old times

15 Sep

It’s been really long since we had time just to ourselves. We speak in hushed tones and tiptoe in our room to avoid waking the sleeping baby. We hardly have time to talk because dinner time is rushed to check on sleeping baby. Weekends are spent visiting in laws and at weddings with a little baby.

Today we attended 2 weddings without DS. I told him before I left that we were attending a wedding and he should rest at home since he’s still unwell. Actually both of us have unfortunately gotten the bug from him but we went out anyway.

During our conversations, i felt old memories creeping back. It felts nice to spend some couple time. How to link arms with the baby in a stroller or a sling? Well…I look forward to spending more time with you dear husband! Even though I miss my little boy every time I leave the house without him even if its for a short while.



You’ve changed and grown so much in 3 months!

14 Sep

Dearest son,

I wish I can do more to protect you from everything evil and harmful.

This is the second time you’re down with cough and phlegm. Its so sad to see you ill; not drinking so well and my heart can’t take to see you cough. Your whole face turns crimson when your coughing fit refuses to stop. Ummi tries to hold you in all the positions I know but nothing works. I hear the phlegm gurgling inside but can’t see them thus am not able to do anything except to hold you and tell you that you would be alright.

You’ve been progressing well Alhamdulilah. At 2 months (13 weeks and 1 day) old, your neck is much stronger than before. The last we weighed you at KKH yesterday and you were 5.65kg Alhamdulilah. You’re smiling more and your Emma is so happy to play with you to make you smile. I just realized this morning that you can track even with very little light in the room. You find your mittrns a delight to suckle on. I will find it soaked if I leave you by yourself for a while. Usually you’d try to bring your hands back to your mouth if I pull them away. You’d enjoy sucking your fingers too if I removed your soaked mittens.

Your toothless million dollar smile can melt any hearts.

Your feeding pattern is still inconsistent and varies from time to time. Your drinking well Alhamdulilah. I hope we’d reach a somewhat stable pattern before I go back to work!

As for your learning, you enjoy listening to stories and the dot cards are your favourites so far and of course you seem to enjoy colourful pictures. You listen to stories in a number of different languages and I think you have your favourites too.

Ummi worries for when I return to work and there’d be tons of things I need to do for you and too little time. Allah is the best of planners so I shall leave it for now and enjoy what we have right now.

Your ummi (who will always love and protect you as long as she can)

Confessions of a mother

6 Sep

I couldn’t bear to stop nursing him because it was time for me to go to the dentist. He looked so comfortable curled up in my arms. I really thought it would be better to change my dental appointment but I would still have to leave him and go another day.

It occurred to me that I would have to do this everyday once I go back to work 😭

Would I and him get used to it since I would nurse him everyday and leave to work. Would we both are numb to it? I hope not…

There are days when I yearn for normalcy and routine but I’d not give up being with my boy.

He is smiling more now 🙂 his toothless million dollar grin! I miss him already!

Ps Adilah, I was listening to Michael Jackson’s Heal the World and it brought back memories of our budding friendship 11 years ago! I miss those days…meet up soon! I can bring DS along 🙂