Confessions of a mother

6 Sep

I couldn’t bear to stop nursing him because it was time for me to go to the dentist. He looked so comfortable curled up in my arms. I really thought it would be better to change my dental appointment but I would still have to leave him and go another day.

It occurred to me that I would have to do this everyday once I go back to work 😭

Would I and him get used to it since I would nurse him everyday and leave to work. Would we both are numb to it? I hope not…

There are days when I yearn for normalcy and routine but I’d not give up being with my boy.

He is smiling more now 🙂 his toothless million dollar grin! I miss him already!

Ps Adilah, I was listening to Michael Jackson’s Heal the World and it brought back memories of our budding friendship 11 years ago! I miss those days…meet up soon! I can bring DS along 🙂


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