You’ve changed and grown so much in 3 months!

14 Sep

Dearest son,

I wish I can do more to protect you from everything evil and harmful.

This is the second time you’re down with cough and phlegm. Its so sad to see you ill; not drinking so well and my heart can’t take to see you cough. Your whole face turns crimson when your coughing fit refuses to stop. Ummi tries to hold you in all the positions I know but nothing works. I hear the phlegm gurgling inside but can’t see them thus am not able to do anything except to hold you and tell you that you would be alright.

You’ve been progressing well Alhamdulilah. At 2 months (13 weeks and 1 day) old, your neck is much stronger than before. The last we weighed you at KKH yesterday and you were 5.65kg Alhamdulilah. You’re smiling more and your Emma is so happy to play with you to make you smile. I just realized this morning that you can track even with very little light in the room. You find your mittrns a delight to suckle on. I will find it soaked if I leave you by yourself for a while. Usually you’d try to bring your hands back to your mouth if I pull them away. You’d enjoy sucking your fingers too if I removed your soaked mittens.

Your toothless million dollar smile can melt any hearts.

Your feeding pattern is still inconsistent and varies from time to time. Your drinking well Alhamdulilah. I hope we’d reach a somewhat stable pattern before I go back to work!

As for your learning, you enjoy listening to stories and the dot cards are your favourites so far and of course you seem to enjoy colourful pictures. You listen to stories in a number of different languages and I think you have your favourites too.

Ummi worries for when I return to work and there’d be tons of things I need to do for you and too little time. Allah is the best of planners so I shall leave it for now and enjoy what we have right now.

Your ummi (who will always love and protect you as long as she can)


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