Riding after slightly more than a year

27 Sep

Everything happened so fast! I got my long-awaited bike license end August 2012.

Left for a trip to India with DH hoping to take some leisurely rides through the laid back city of Leh while breathing in the fresh air and soaking in the beauty of the countryside. DH said no! 😦 perhaps its not meant to be…

Returned back to Singapore and I don’t know exactly when it happened but I was expecting a beautiful little baby. Not one to jeopardize a wonderful life changing experience of a lifetime, I put any thoughts of riding far away. My colleague likes to say DS was made on Ladakh. Oh well who knows? Haha what’s important is he was made 😉

So what happened last weekend when we were in a my aunt’s place in Malaysia and my brother’s bike was parked in the garage? While the baby was napping, I took it for a spin. I struggled a lot with the gears because honestly my brother’s bike is like his bantal busuk, it has been with him for like almost 10 years through thick and thin! It’s in quite terrible condition. It’s also a much smaller bike compared to the CDC’s bikes which and bigger and more stable and of course on good riding condition for learners. My brother’s bike is not automatic so have to kick start every time the engine goes kapoot! My poor daddy would run to where I’d be trying to kick start the bike without success. Daddy would ask me to get down and he would start it back for me. After several times, it turned out I kept holding full clutch when I kick start so it won’t work! How silly of me!

My daddy shows his love in ways you would overlook if you didn’t look closely.


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