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7 Oct

We were privileged to have the comfort of the class A ward which is a private suite for our 4 days stay at KKH. The nurses were a wonderful bunch of super helpful and knowledgeable bunch of people. They have lots planned for the mummy and everything taken care of. My only unhappiness with my whole experience at KKH was my gynae, Dr June Tan She was generally alright but I seemed more of a customer to her than a patient. She didn’t once visit me after my surgery. I think she should at least have visited me once to see if I’m alright. I saw her once before the surgery and that’s it. After that, it was the medical officers and doctors in duty who tended to me from removing tubes, catheter, to when to give food and drinks, my gastric problem, my wound examination and removal of the plaster. Her surgical skills were good, no complaints on that.

A friend who would be giving birth soon asked for a list of things she would need to prepare for baby so since I typed it for her, might as well share with anyone else who needs it.

Disclaimer: the list below is not exhaustive and is purely based on our experience.

Things to prepare before baby arrives:

1. Baby bath (soap)
We use Johnson & Johnson original. We tried puréen, it’s nice too.

2. Baby shampoo
We use Johnson & Johnson.

3. Baby wipes
We use pigeon. We’ve tried other brands which we received as gifts like puréen and Johnson & Johnson but they are much wetter. Johnson & Johnson is also scented. We also tried Huggies, we find it too dry. We prefer Pigeon because its just right in terms of moisture, size and scent.

4. Baby powder
We use Johnson & Johnson bedtime (purple bottle). Lavender scent.

5. Baby nail clipper
We bought NUK brand. I read that we are not supposed to cut their nails until after around 6-8weeks. But I started at like 3-4 weeks. Their nails harden over time. In the meantime, cover their sharp nails with mittens 🙂

6. Diapers
I contemplated cloth diaper and even napkin but really normal disposable diapers seemed the most convenient. Just toilet train them the earliest possible to avoid further damage to the environment. Haha!

We found Huggies to be the cheapest. Highly recommend Huggies because KKH uses it while baby is in hospital with you. We still find it the best but its costly as they grow older and the diaper bags get bigger. It is generally good because it can retain the motion and urine and most importantly hardly causes nappy rash.

Pet pet seems alright as well.

Pampers is too thin and causes nappy rash easily if you don’t change a soiled diaper fast. I understand that pampers have other types of diapers which are good.

7. Baby bottles
We use Avent newborn, the purple box series. They have a few types but the ones we bought it believed to be closest to the breast so best for breastfed babies.

We also have a medela bottle because I use medela pump. We have a number of breastmilk storage medela bottles as well.

There are better brands like Dr Brown and tommy and tippee (not sure how to spell). I know a friend uses Dr Brown bottles for her colicky daughter. I think they are the higher end ones and are also known to be popular for breastfed babies or babies with colic.

Generally, I think 2 bottles should be sufficient because baby can only drink from one bottle right? Haha

8. Cotton buds.
My mum uses it to clean ears and nose. If the cotton bud is too thin, she wraps cotton wool to make it thicker so as to joy hurt baby’s soft tissues.

9. Cotton balls.
We didn’t use these but when they teach to clean the eyes, umbilical cord in the hospital, must use wet cotton balls. We have this huge roll of cotton wool so my mum just use that.

10. Gripe water.
This is my mum’s tip because she bought it and gives one teaspoon of it to baby after bath every morning. This is believed to help with gas which babies generally have lots of. They always need to burp. My mum said will help with wind in the stomach.

11. Glycerin.
This is also from my mum. She takes some cotton wool and wraps it around her little finger, wet it and makes sure he cotton is wet and stuck to finger. Then dap a little glycerin on fingertip and then clean baby’s tongue. This would help baby drink better because they have no way of cleaning their tongues/ mouths.

12. Baby clothes detergent
We use Kodomo.

13. Liquid bottle/ baby toys detergent
We use puréen.

14. Bottle sterilizer
My mum has this Tupperware kinda of container in which all the bottles and baby related stuff are so she pours boiled water to sterilize them daily every morning. We received a NUK sterilizer (it came with 4 NUK bottles)
but haven’t used it. I think it might be more convenient to have one.

15. Changing mat
We bought a puréen mat. But any mat would do. Important for changing diaper on beds, outside in toilets, and of course at home.

16. Baby sling (any other baby carrier)
I bought from the birthshop. They are going to be at baby market (expo) next week as well! They selling at $40.
Anyway there are many others like bjorn and the others I’m not familiar with. My sis-in-law carries my nephew in the sling so I follow. It has been good so far because I can nurse him discreetly while carrying him in the sling. I don’t think you can nurse your baby in other baby carriers. It’s tiring with the sling but generally carrying baby is tiring! And you can wash in the washing machine. You can hands free as well. When you go to the expo, ask the person to demo for you. They usually would be happy to do so. If you buy other baby carriers, you can use a nursing cover to nurse.

17. Nursing cover
I bought mine at kiddy palace around $20++. So far haven’t used much because I can still nurse him in the sling outside. Maybe when he is much bigger.

18. Breast pump
I use medela. Bought it at $80+. Mine is manual but it has a massage function as well. It came with bottle cooler (can hold 2 bottles and has a freezable little bag to keep the milk cold for some time) and a box of breast pads.

19. Breast pads
Necessary especially when your milk comes in, your clothes will be wet if you don’t use them. Change often.

20. Nursing tops
I bought 2 before I gave birth. You can use buttoned blouses or blouses with stretchable materials in front if you can access to breastfeed. If its a wrap pattern in front also can be used to breastfeed. Not sure what you want to wear at home to nurse comfortably. You can wear a nursing tank top or just any tank top of t shirt. They do sell nursing t shirts.

21. Nursing bras
There are easier access bras for nighttime feedings. There are also normal nursing bras for day time use. Useful to have both! I noticed though that people advice preggy mummies to buy nursing bras in their last month so that you know the size that’ll fit but I find that it’s too lose at the band after I lose the baby weight thus I’m confused as to when to buy.

22. Breastmilk storage bottles.
You can buy disposable ones which are smaller and sterilized already. I use the 250ml storage bottles. I sterilize before and after use and reuse. There are breastmilk bags as well. I just got a milk cube tray to freeze the breastmilk and store in ziplock bags. Not sure if its the best way not to waste precious milk. And for easier defrosting if frozen milk.

26. Baby cream/ baby oil/ baby lotion
We don’t really use the any lotions or oils because we use minyak telon to gently massage his joints and tummy.

27. Clothes/ mittens/booties/ beeps/ small towels/ napkins/caps/ swaddle

28. Maternity pads
I didn’t really use much because there wasnt much need after like 2 days and the hospital gave maternity pads.
This tends to be the case for cesarean births.

In general:
Some of the brands, we just follow what my brother used for my nephew. It’s like someone used it and have no problem so just follow because you will be spoilt for choices with the many many brands namely puréen, Johnson & Johnson, NUK, Tollyjoy, Kodomo and many more. Others, we find the brand which suits us after some time.

Things to bring to the hospital:

For baby

1. Buttoned t shirt for baby
2. Mittens
3. Booties
4. Swaddle
5. Cap

For mummy

1. Change of clothes to go home
2. Undergarments (disposable panties provided in the hospital)
3. Breast pads (not provided)
4. Clothes for your husband if he is staying.
5. Snacks for nighttime if you get hungry. If breastfeeding you would get hungry easily and they only provide milo and plain biscuits in KKH).
6. Binder
7. Any other personal belongings like IC, hand phone, money, camera etc


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