My baby is 4 months old!

14 Oct

Dearest son,

My boy, you’re growing well Alhamdulilah. Ummi enjoy watching you try to turn with all your might and then kick as you try to move yourself forward. It’s something we all take for granted but I know it’s not a simple task for a little baby.

You generous with you smile especially for me, your ummi whose heart skips a beat when I see my baby’s smile.

To be honest when I’m stressed while taking care of you, I wish for the time to go to work be sooner but now as the time is approaching, I’m feeling less confident that I can return to work, wouldn’t be able to leave you my darling boy. I have lots to prepare for before I go back and there’s the impending trip we are going for. Your very first trip InsyAllah.

Of late you’ve been placing your thumb and at times your hands into your mouth. You are doing it so much more now and you actually like the teething toy ummi allows you to try sucking on for a change.

More recently, you have been reaching or your toes. Oh you look so cute with your fingers holding your toes! I’ve captured some photos of you doing that.

We also took a family photo during Eid adha recently. Your very first family photo with ummi’s family. I guess we have to take one with ayah’s side of the family soon.

You’re still not sleeping through the night and now you pass motion at several times through the night. In the day you hardly pass motion, I hope you don’t have your days and nights mixed up!

As for your learning, you seem to like looking at Arabic 🙂 and you have a ready smile for dot cards as always.

You know my dear son, people say lots of things about ummi breastfeeding you and that I should start giving you solids and how long am I going to breastfeed you but I hold firm to what I have planned to provide for you, only the best (that i can manage) InsyAllah.

People look at me funny when i try to teach you. When i started reading while pregnant with you, people’s tongue couldn’t stop wagging; going on about letting you have your childhood and don’t make you ‘study’ from so young.

People are going to say so much more as time goes by but if we know what we are doing is in line with the sunnah and the religion and what belief is right, we should stick to our decision.

This past week, you didn’t want your Emma to carry you and when your moyang carried you a few times, you cried so loudly, I couldn’t take it but I waited till your moyang passed you back to me. You seem to like your Vaapa carry you. Your nyayi carried you recently, you cried after a while. Not sure if you have started to have preference. As long as I’m your no. 1 I’ll be happy 🙂 everyone else would get used to you and you’d get used to them in no time InsyAllah.

Ummi will create more collages for you when time permits 🙂

Until next time my darling baby!

With lots of wet kisses and tight hugs and never ending love,
Your ummi


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