21 Oct

It’s not pain for a split second but prolonged pain.

My left bottom wisdom tooth was starting to give me problems and the dentist did say he can feel it under my gums so to extract before it affects my other teeth.

Since I was still breastfeeding DS, I didn’t want to have to take medications unnecessarily but I guess it’s now or never so I went ahead with it.

ANOTHER surgery just 4 months after a major surgery. Somehow I remember the recovery from my cesarean to be quick and not too painful. Getting out of bed for the first time one day after surgery was excruciatingly painful I told myself I never want to give birth again! Oh that was then when everything hurt like crazy; eating, sitting, sleeping, breastfeeding, standing … I shall not go on because I think you got the idea. Ok I just reminded myself that the first few days was just as bad or maybe worse than now.

I can’t eat (weep) but I have to otherwise I’d be hungry. When I eat normally I get hungry so fast because baby is ‘ sharing’ my food. I used to eat so fast and rightfully so because baby needs lots of attention now that he’s a little mobile and has no inkling of dangers. It hurts to sleep on my side too. I could hardly open my mouth.

I think the dental clinic should give their patients a list of after surgery effects to expect like difficulty opening mouth, inability to chew and talk too much as well as swollen/ numb tongue etc like this website states clearly.

Oh well it’s starting to feel better on day 4, Alhamdulilah 🙂

For anyone interested, there is a photo of my super large wisdom tooth. It’s a little disgusting. Don’t look of you can’t see bloody stuff!




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