I’ve been guilty of nursing DS to sleep or if he is crying uncontrollably :(

23 Oct

Then I read this:

Nursing is not only nourishing; it’s also nurturing. Your breast is a wonderful place of comfort and security to your child, not just a feeding “trough”. The time spent nursing your baby is a very short period in the total life of your child, but the memories of your love and availability will last him a lifetime. Trust that your baby will fall asleep on his own in time, and enjoy every sleepy moment while it lasts.

Taken from here! Go read the rest of the article if you’re interested.

So I’m not going to stress myself over this and think about the zillion other things on my plate.

As a mother, we make many decision for/ about our kids and we try to make decisions which are in their best interest BUT…

There’s lots to consider and sometimes we have to make the decision on the spot.

Any option would have its pros and cons. We’ll just have to deal with the cons later on. Breastfeeding is wonderful as a whole but there are times we have to do what’s convenient for us to give them the best.

Nursing a baby to sleep helps the baby sleep but it also means baby needs mummy to sleep.

Nursing a baby in the long run means baby sleeps with parents for easier feeding.

If mummy were to be rigid with where, how, when, how much she feeds baby…I’m not sure how long she’d be able to feed baby. This is my opinion; find ways to make it convenient and easy for you.

As always there will be tongue wagging. People talk. About anything. And everything.



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