Hello Siem reap!

3 Nov

I just wanted to go somewhere new so Siem reap it was! I know it’s not a place to bring a little baby but its near and so far it’s been pretty alright.

It’s like traveling for the first time for me too. I can’t go through the automatic gated machines at Singapore customs and had to go through the conventional way and have small talk with the ICA officer on how it’s going to be like for little baby on his virgin voyage on board a huge vehicle which flies above the clouds – an aero plane. That was how I described our journey to DS 🙂

The flight itself was pretty uneventful Alhamdulilah. We had the stroller till just before we entered the plane. DS was well behaved on the way up; he slept while I nursed him all the way and then he woke up like 20 minutes while in the air. Maybe there were lesser vibrations and movements so no more natural rocking motions. DS have me the opportunity to use the diaper changing facility in the super small aero plane lavatory but it was clean and pretty easy. A little cold in the toilet but luckily for me, DS didn’t have a pee accident.

I chose My Hibiscus Hotel in Siem reap because its owned by a Malaysian and the food in the restaurant is 100% halal (I read this!).


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