My oh my! My little boy has grown big and strong in just 5 months.

14 Nov

Dearest son,

You’ve grown much bigger and stronger Alhamdulilah. You decide when you want milk and when you don’t. You decide how you want to drink milk and for how long.

This is a challenging time for ummi because I’m back at work. There is lots of juggling to do with pumping milk, storing, carrying home, my WORK which just picked off where I left off and my ever-lengthening to do list.

I suddenly spend so little time with you which will never be enough my sweetie pie.

I think you’re ready for solids but I’m still trying to find out more to give you the best InsyAllah.

You’ve been turning alot more and smiling at me so much. Yesterday when I left for work early in the morning for the 3rd day, you didn’t want to smile at me. 😦 Today you were still asleep when I left work. I gently kissed you goodbye and peeled myself away from my angelic looking baby, you. Ummi will be back as soon as I can…

You’re very curious about your surroundings but you already have preferences.

You started sucking your thumb alot and once I saw you sucking your thumb while asleep and few hours after I put you down to sleep. According to your Emma who is taking care of you now, you’ve been soothing yourself to sleep by sucking on your thumb.

You had your first trip to Siem reap, Cambodia last week with ummi and ayah. We went to see the Ang kor wat and soaked into the people as their cultures. You were pretty well behaved, Alhamdulilah. One of the nights there, you turned to sleep on your tummy while still asleep. You looked so cute! You pooped everywhere while we were on holiday!

I hope I won’t miss out on watching you grow InsyAllah…

I hope I will be able to give you the best in life InsyAllah…

I wish I had it differently.

With lots of love and kisses,
Your ummi


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