The majestic Ang kor wat

15 Nov

Crazy me just had to do something adventurous so we went for sunrise at Ang kor wat!

It was nice but not like the sunset from the plane on the way home and no way near the subset at Fatnas Island, Siwa, Egypt. 20131114-175537.jpg20131114-175621.jpg20131114-175638.jpg20131114-175650.jpg20131114-175547.jpg20131114-175613.jpg20131114-175745.jpg20131114-175907.jpg20131114-175952.jpg20131114-180013.jpg






It was not as bad as I imagined it to be with Ilyas. He was awake as soon as the tuk tuk arrived at the entrance of Ang kor wat till we took the tuk tuk again after 3 hours of touring the temple. He didn’t cry or feed either. He was attached to his ummi the whole time in a sling. With its many steps bringing the stroller was just not a very good idea. The husband did tour the temple a little more than me. I went in only after walking around the whole temple.

After all the ancient temples in Egypt, this paled in comparison. It’s a really old temple and the carvings are nice and all but just not for me. We visited the place because it was a unesco site and its what tourists do. And we have a baby so what we could do was so limited. And we were in Siem reap.


One Response to “The majestic Ang kor wat”

  1. thestick81 November 15, 2013 at 10:35 am #

    I did that with baby in a carrier too, but not at first light in the morning. Might have been a bit cooler then, because boy were we sweating! i really enjoyed it, although I think I liked Anchor Thom with the trees best.

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