It’s like he knows

16 Nov

I’ve never looked forward to the weekend like I do now – it means the while day with my dearest son, my cutie pie.

From being with me 24 hours (while in my womb) to being with me almost the whole day but not physically (while on maternity leave) to being with me only in the evenings (back to work). I miss him so badly!

The first few days back at work was bad, I called my mum often but she is the most amazing mother who tries to tell me in as much detail as possible about him so I can imagine him.

I take comfort in the fact that he’s still drinking breast milk Alhamdulilah. My mother has been supportive as well trying her best not to waste any milk because she knows I take a lot of trouble to express milk at work for him. I try to give him milk expressed the day before so as much nutrients still remains.

My mother has recently found him lying on his tummy, thumb in the mouth and sleeping soundly. He sleeps longer than when I put him down for daytime naps on the bed or when my mother puts him down for day time naps in the swing (the Asian yau lan/ tottil/ buai). That was how he slept nowadays.

Babies are resilient and adaptive. He can’t sleep with the me nursing him so he soothes himself with his thumb. That’s makes it so much easier to put him down for a nap. I used to feed him for so long before he’ll sleep.

I used to wish it’ll take faster so I can do other things I need to do but I miss that now. Our special time together. I hope we’ll still share a special bond together forever.

Its like he knows his ummi is not home to nurse him all the time and he doesn’t want to trouble his Emma.

Love you baby!

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