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Time for chicken curry!

29 Dec

I don’t cook very much. The only time I cooked a lot was in Finland, out of necessity and eventually because I enjoy it. Ah! Finland! Lots I wonderful memories, Alhamdulilah.

Since the parents aren’t around, I decided to whip some food so that we don’t have to eat unhealthy and expensive outside food which can be not that tasty sometimes.

The husband also don’t really get me to cook if we don’t have dinner because it tires me, after a day of tending to the little one, to have to cook can be very tiring.

Anyways I cooked out of necessity today and Alhamdulilah it turned out alright.

My first time buying a chicken from the wet market at 26 years old. Can’t believe I didn’t have to do it for so long! Just shows there can be a first time for many things even if you’ve tried a million things before.

Here goes!




Chicken soup, chicken curry and stir-fried veggies serves with white rice.



28 Dec

Dearest son,

You had avocado for the first time today! Yay! It was a success Alhamdulilah. You liked it better than the carrots.

Ummi had to cut it, spoon it out, blend it up, add a little breast milk and mix it thoroughly. Yummy! You had a wonderful breakfast.

It gives me great comfort and pleasure to prepare food for you and watch you enjoy it. Alhamdulilah.

With lots of love,
Your non-chef ummi

It’s heart warming the reason your Emma gives

27 Dec

You refused to sleep even after you’ve been fed. It has happened before but this time I was exhausted after a long day at work and I was in pain from all that kicking you’ve been at the whole time I was putting you down for night time.

Your Emma said you were missing me so you just wanted to spend some time with me.

I must keep reminding myself that he’s only young for a short period of time, to cherish the beautiful moments spent with my little prince.

I’m failing in love with you more and more each day…

I should have taken a photo of your expression when you had your first taste of carrots

25 Dec

I haven’t prepared any food for you yet but I will insyAllah.

You’ve had a taste of healthy times baby cereal; brown rice and oatmeal. Ummi recently bought you barley but its still in its packaging waiting to be devoured! Alhamdulilah you eat your cereals well and you seem to like them.

Today, ummi opened a jar of Gerber’s carrot juice. Your very first taste of it was,” eww what is that?” And then I continued to give you more and you thought,” this is not my cereal, the bright orange color is nice but odd. No, I don’t think it’s nice even though you’re smiling at me ummi.” And then you had the gagging reflex and ummi thought it was the consistency of the puréed carrot. I tried 2 more little bits of the carrot purée before I dumped the whole jar into the rubbish bin.

I’ll be sure to take photos of you trying out other food in the future insyAllah.

The second part of the day was spent at the Jacob Ballas Children’s garden which is part of botanical gardens.

It was supposed to be just the 3 of us but anna Mukhlis, kakak Sofia and uncle Irshad went with us. Our picnic turned out to be a walk around the garden with stops at play areas.

Uncle Irshad suggested that ummi should bring you on the slide and I did! It was much fun! It has been a long time since ummi had the opportunity to slide down slides so I had a little accident on our first try, ummi slid all the way down and onto the sand and hit the back of my head on the end of the slide. But you know what went through my mind, though a little foggy due to the sudden nature of the accident, that I needed to keep you safe. I held you tightly until ayah pried you out of my arms. You cried. My poor baby…we tried the slides a few more times but we couldn’t get any pictures of us on action, perhaps next time.

Aunty Robina stopped by and had a long chat cum catch up session with us. She carried you and you fell asleep. She was so happy to meet you and carry you. Aunty Robina is from New Zealand so she has a cool accent. She and ayah were friends from their undergrad days at NUS.

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon with aunty Adilah and uncle Reyas. We visited their beautiful new flat at Yishun. Hopefully we can visit them more when you’re older and when their flat is nicely done up and comfy.


A funeral

16 Dec

It’s the first funeral for my baby but I’m sure he knows nothing of what’s going on but when he’s older I’ll sure remind him that he met a grand uncle who passed away of cancer. He is the first in my family to suffer and die of cancer – rectum cancer. He was a man of strong character and lots of determination to move on, to recover, to live a life. He loved life. He had plans. He was in denial. He was not prepared. He had to go. His time was up. He has been called. His life was taken.

We were sleeping when we heard an urgent knock. My brother was at the door, “mama Nasser passed away.”

“Inna lillah wa inna ilahi raajiun,” I exclaimed with a hand tapping my chest lightly still in a state of shock.

My mind went straight to my mother, ” will she be devastated?” I wondered. I tried to put myself in her shoes ad I thought definitely. How about my aunt, she would be a widow now, a title laden with stigma and negativity, in my mind. Is she prepared? She has her sons and mother-in-law. BUT…it’s a huge loss nonetheless. How would it feel for the mother who gave birth to him, to see him leave before her? Is it worse for a mother whose child leaves her less than 2 weeks after she gave birth to him? Is it worse for a mother to have miscarried the child? I don’t know but what I know is that the pain is like no other. Allah remind us to be grateful when we are faced with difficulties in accepting losses so he will give us more, insyAllah .

I was thinking of the living. What about the dead?

My eyes wandered to a poster on my wall,


Indeed everything is for Allah but we often forget and live life full of many things but the remembrance of Allah.

May Allah grant my uncle peace and bless him, insyAllah. Ameen.

Halfway to your first birthday

14 Dec

Dearest son,

Where did the time go? No matter how many times I remind myself to cherish the moments with you, time just pass me by. Sometimes I watch you when you’re asleep and wonder if you’ve grown bigger while I looked away for a while.

You’ve grown stronger as well Alhamdulilah. Your kicks are so strong that they hurt when it’s directed at me. You really love kicking in the bath tub and its so exciting to watch you enjoy yourself in the water! I really want to bring you swimming but somehow it hasn’t happened yet.

You had your first experience at a playground recently and it was pretty fun but they are designed for bigger kids. It was like a very new experience for you especially the ball pit! I think I want to get you your own ball pit 🙂

Solids! You do savour your brown rice baby cereals. Aunty Adilah, both of them, have tried feeding you adult food, without my consent. I don’t want to spoil your taste buds yet and hope to introduce food with various taste slowly.

You started waking up again around twice a night which makes it very tiring for ummi but i enjoy feeding you while I still have the chance to do so.

You can sit up but with assistance and stand as well. Ummi is worried that you move so much in your sleep that you travel around the bed. I hope I can protect you while you sleep.

We attended many weddings as well and many friends and relatives carry you. You don’t seem to have separation anxiety so you make people very happy!

Ummi especially cherish the mornings we spend lazing around in bed before ummi prepare for work. I’ll kiss you a million times but it’ll never satisfy me. Right before I leave for work, I’ll pick you up and hug you tight while we are cheek to cheek. Of course you’ll squirm and pull my hair, grab my face and do whatever you feel like. I miss you dearly my darling. The mornings after the weekends are worse. I’m sure you feel it too. Sometimes after ummi is back from work and I try to nurse you to sleep like I usually do, you’d refuse to sleep and play instead. I’d hug you to me and hold you close but you have other ideas in mind like making cute shrills and other sounds. If I leave you in the bed, you’ll roll around and play. After a while, ummi will pick tired little you and nurse you into deep slumber.

Love you with all my heart and every ounce of my being,
Your ummi

Gardens by the bay and Kusu Island getaway

13 Dec