Halfway to your first birthday

14 Dec

Dearest son,

Where did the time go? No matter how many times I remind myself to cherish the moments with you, time just pass me by. Sometimes I watch you when you’re asleep and wonder if you’ve grown bigger while I looked away for a while.

You’ve grown stronger as well Alhamdulilah. Your kicks are so strong that they hurt when it’s directed at me. You really love kicking in the bath tub and its so exciting to watch you enjoy yourself in the water! I really want to bring you swimming but somehow it hasn’t happened yet.

You had your first experience at a playground recently and it was pretty fun but they are designed for bigger kids. It was like a very new experience for you especially the ball pit! I think I want to get you your own ball pit 🙂

Solids! You do savour your brown rice baby cereals. Aunty Adilah, both of them, have tried feeding you adult food, without my consent. I don’t want to spoil your taste buds yet and hope to introduce food with various taste slowly.

You started waking up again around twice a night which makes it very tiring for ummi but i enjoy feeding you while I still have the chance to do so.

You can sit up but with assistance and stand as well. Ummi is worried that you move so much in your sleep that you travel around the bed. I hope I can protect you while you sleep.

We attended many weddings as well and many friends and relatives carry you. You don’t seem to have separation anxiety so you make people very happy!

Ummi especially cherish the mornings we spend lazing around in bed before ummi prepare for work. I’ll kiss you a million times but it’ll never satisfy me. Right before I leave for work, I’ll pick you up and hug you tight while we are cheek to cheek. Of course you’ll squirm and pull my hair, grab my face and do whatever you feel like. I miss you dearly my darling. The mornings after the weekends are worse. I’m sure you feel it too. Sometimes after ummi is back from work and I try to nurse you to sleep like I usually do, you’d refuse to sleep and play instead. I’d hug you to me and hold you close but you have other ideas in mind like making cute shrills and other sounds. If I leave you in the bed, you’ll roll around and play. After a while, ummi will pick tired little you and nurse you into deep slumber.

Love you with all my heart and every ounce of my being,
Your ummi


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