The most amazing 7 months with you

14 Jan

Dearest son,

We are having much more fun together be it at a playground or the pool, it’s a really nice time for ummi reliving my childhood days.

You’re starting to carry your buttocks and push your chest off the floor/ bed. You have this way of moving forward by swinging yourself back and forth. You’ve had your first fall since and we notice that you’re very curious about the edge of the bed. I guess you aren’t able to negotiate distances and don’t see the consequences yet. Your ayah lets you hang from the edge of the bed with just half your body on the bed. I dare not.

You are enjoying the lifts in the air and moving through air. You’re kicking a lot more in the water during baths but that has transformed to other activities in the water.

You’re flexing your leg muscle by bending your knees and straightening it when I hold you while you stand on my thighs or a bed.

You’re crawling already! You’re curious about everything and anything. You try to look out the window while I carry you. I want to watch you crawl!

Your wonderful smile warms my heart every single time! You are so observant now, you even notice your ummi in the dark and smile.

You feel asleep on aunty Robina and aunty Faridah. I think you were too tired. We shall visit her in New Zealand one day insyAllah. You’re a darling to anyone who looks at you.

Lots of new experiences and lots more to come insyAllah.

You’ve had a taste of avocado, banana and sweet potatoes! Actually you tastes apples too but really not for you.

Your Emma mentioned that I’m very protective of you and I’m struggling with the idea of being your mother. I love it to bits! I’m absolutely enjoying it Alhamdulilah. I tend to put up fences to block people I feel threaten my bond with you. The slightest actions, words or even body language of anyone (no matter who) which my motherly antenna picks up will immediately put me into action. Sometimes social rules stop me from grabbing you and running away so I sulk. I’m sorry. I should not apologize for feeling as a mother should but the world is not just you and I.

With bubbling love,
Your ummi


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