My darling boy is moving on fours

29 Jan

We watched him crawl on fours today! How wonderful to watch this little person roll from his back to his little tummy and push himself upward and glide forward. And suddenly he can crawl on fours. He can even crawl down little steps!

He was attracted to the little drains in the kitchen. He likes paper too! When uncle Irshad was sitting with some papers he was sorting through, he crawled as quickly as his little knees and legs can bring him towards the papers to grab and crush them.

He’s fast Alhamdulilah. It also means he can’t be left alone for too long or you’ll find him in another part of the house clawing at some wire or string or a bag strap etc. even if you leave him with all his toys. I guess he is an explorer now!

@7 months 15 days


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