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Weekends are crazy!

24 Feb

Babycare Festival. Fashion expo. In-laws place. Swimming. Kids Amaze. Friends meet up. Tuition.

ALL IN 1 weekend! And it’s not just one weekend…most weekends are filled and will be busier with weddings in the coming month.

Adilah, if you have a kid, you’ll never be bored during your holidays ever again!

There is more to do for DS swimming, he enjoys it a lot but I have to start some little lessons here and there amidst unstructured play. I just heard that unstructured play is important. It’s amazing to watch how the adults want to teach the babies to play, like they don’t know how.

Oh well the weekdays are here and I’ve got the weekdays to catch up before the next weekend comes along. It’s the other way around when you’re a working parent.


Are you really drinking from a straw?

17 Feb

Your Emma demonstrated your new learnt trick when we returned home from work one day.

Ummi took out a training cup one day to check it out and see what you can try next. The straw is for 9 month to a year but the other options seemed similar so I went ahead with it.

When we tried it on weekends, it was like you didn’t know what to do with the straw and it kept poking your tongue so I brushed the idea of feeding you water this way.

Your Emma on the other hand tried several times and met with success. Alhamdulilah you’re enjoying drinking water on your own from your very own sippy straw cup!

I turned around to find you standing in your cot

16 Feb

Alhamdulilah, you’ve managed to stand on your own!

I was busy clearing some toys to make space for new toys. I suddenly turned around to find you standing on your cot while holding the railing.

Just like that!

@ 8 months and 2 days

To the goat farm we went

15 Feb

We went to the goat farm- Hay dairies at Lim Chu Kang.

It was so far away but worth it! Fun fun fun. Smelly too.

We learnt how the goats are milked and what happens to their milk. We bought some to try too! AVA has approved it to its clean and freshly pasteurized.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t touch or feed the goats.

We saw some kids in the enclosure.

We leant loads of stuff which we didn’t know before.
Did you know that goat’s milk is alkaline whereas cow’s milk is acidic?

Did you know goats produce so much less milk than a cow?

Did you know the mutton you eat is from Sherpa and not goats in Singapore?

Did you know a female goat is called a doe and a male goat is called a buck?

Did you know the doe is usually carrying 2 kids in a pregnancy?

Here are some photos from our excursion:

Insatiable 8 months of you

14 Feb

Dearest son,

The apple of my eye, I love you with every ounce of my heart and every part of my being, more and more each day.

My sweetie pie, how much I miss you doesn’t grow less and less each day but it multiplies each and everyday I’m not with you.

My darling boy, you mean the world to me. Your every smile, your every milestone, your every action makes my heart jump for joy.

It’s like you’re growing so much faster when I m not looking. I push myself to spend my every waking moments of the weekday nights and weekend with you, my precious child.

For as long as I can…I will…give my all to you…

With never ending love,
Your ummi

Sitting down?

3 Feb

You’ve tried sitting a few times but most times it’s not so clear when you actually sit on your bottom.

Now, you’re able to move ever so gracefully into the siting position. Though a bit wobbly, you do it so elegantly. A little different from how I saw anne Mukhlis do it when he was your age. Alhamdulilah.