Weekends are crazy!

24 Feb

Babycare Festival. Fashion expo. In-laws place. Swimming. Kids Amaze. Friends meet up. Tuition.

ALL IN 1 weekend! And it’s not just one weekend…most weekends are filled and will be busier with weddings in the coming month.

Adilah, if you have a kid, you’ll never be bored during your holidays ever again!

There is more to do for DS swimming, he enjoys it a lot but I have to start some little lessons here and there amidst unstructured play. I just heard that unstructured play is important. It’s amazing to watch how the adults want to teach the babies to play, like they don’t know how.

Oh well the weekdays are here and I’ve got the weekdays to catch up before the next weekend comes along. It’s the other way around when you’re a working parent.


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