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You’ve been in my life for 9 months and I can’t remember life without you

14 Mar

Dearest son,

I suddenly can’t remember all your accomplishments in the past month. It’s like I lost count. You’re growing so fast I can’t keep up. I’m trying. I’m trying to give you the best from the food you eat to the things you play.

We’ve been really busy bringing you around to many places including a ranch where we saw horses and insyAllah a longer trip awaits us.

I saw your first tooth.

We recorded your crawling and before we knew it you were standing on your own. You love to crawl so you do that a lot around the house. Your Emma gives you the freedom to crawl as you please a to the kitchen, utility room, entrance I the house and even the toilet.

You’re so fun to play with! We really enjoy just being with you my dearest sunshine.

We also had your uncle’s wedding at your nyayi and atok’s house. Lots of people.

You have been very friendly with strangers. Waving your palm, smiling and mingling your baby way. You light up people’s days.

Just today, ummi bought you a little drum. You held onto it and actually cried very loudly when your ayah took it away from you. It surprised us because you used to go on to other toys when your toy is taken away usually by Mukhlis.

I noticed that you’ve recently started to show some preferences as well when it comes to people around you.

Till next time darling baby!

Yours truly,
Your ummi whose love for you has no end


A glimpse of white – top left front tooth

9 Mar

We spotted a little budding tooth on your upper jaw! Yay!

A little apprehensive as well, hope you won’t bite me when I feed you.

@5 days shy of 9 months