Culture and interesting facets of Korea

22 Apr

We realized South Korea is very picturesque and having all seasons enhances it’s beauty even more. From the few Koreans I’ve come across I realized that they are very proud of who they are and their heritage. They claim to be the best in everything. They do have a lot of beautiful paces, things, resources such as ginseng and semi- precious stones and dormant volcano etc. You name it, they have it. They are also quite cultured in their ways like their manner of sleeping and eating – on the floor. Interesting how they are modern and traditional at the same time.

We had the opportunity to experience the eating and sleeping ways of the Korean. I think it’s actually quite humbling. Our prophet (Muhammad s.a.w) used to sit on the floor when he had his meals and he slept on the hard floor in a small room throughout his life. Unfortunately the sleeping on the floor experience didn’t suit me very well.

The Hanbok, their traditional costume is not widely worn except in movies or drama. We had the opportunity to don the costume, so did the little baby.

We also watched a Korean movie – The Face Reader but we didn’t get a chance to watch it till the end. Pretty entertaining movie.

The baby seemed to like Korean people and the feeling appeared to be mutual. I even got a discount because I was ‘yepuda’s’ mother. Everywhere we went people were interested in the baby and they would go ‘annahaseyyo!’ And baby would grin and they would exclaim, ‘yepuda’ which means handsome boy. When I fed him food in Korea, I would use 3 Korean words which would make him happy and he would eat. He also started waving in Korea, at the Koreans.






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