11 months of pure joy

15 May

Dearest sunshine,

 You make me so happy to be your mother. It has been 11 months full of blessings, trials, wonderful moments, lots of laughter and great happiness – alhamdulilah. 

You are slowly inching towards the 1 year mark and you’ve grown so fast. You’re crawling so fast, you’re pulling yourself to stand and even jumping on the spot when you want someone to carry out of the cot. You will cry if ummi places you in your cot and walk away. Anyone else does that, its fine. But of late, you’ve been able to play independently in your cot. If you’re on the floor, you want anything else but your toys – my little explorer so curious about anything you can get your little chubby fingers on. 

You are always waiting to pounce on your ummi. If I walk towards you, you will jump forward – not checking to see if it is safe like if you are at the edge of the bed. You are slowly beginning to learn to turn around and climb down the bed on your own but I must always remind you to turn around and slowly guide you to turn before jumping off the bed. You are clearly showing your preference now towards me and that makes me thrilled.

As for meals – we have started introducing more fruits and finger food as well as rice for lunch. You are now having 3 meals with some snacks in between. You really like your bear biscuits but healthy times biscuits are expensive. We still have the Heinz biscuits and you like that too. Ummi is looking for number and animal shapes biscuits which you’ve tried and really like. You seem to prefer using your left hand to eat. I hope you are not left handed like your uncle. I’ll love you no less if you are – just be whoever you are. 

You like to walk when we hold your hands and guide you along. You really love to push anna Muks little walker truck and walk really fast. You can even push it with anna Muks sitting on it.

I look forward to many more wonderful moments with you, my lil’ cutie pie.

With lots of love, tight hugs and sloppy kisses,

Your ummi


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