You’d think it can’t be getting better but 13 months later, you’d be surprised!

14 Jul

Dearest son,

A feeling like no other. An experience like no other. You are a gem, so precious, there is only one of you.

It’s been a wonderful journey of sacrifices and new experiences, sweat and tears of joy, cuddling and smiles. A year and running of the most amazing time of new discoveries and challenges.

You look and play with your toys differently from just a few months ago. I think you couldn’t decide on the interesting texture of sand but you just know you like it. You don’t cry at the waves washing over your tiny feet saddled in your Barney sandals your maternal grandma bought for you.

Its all about learning from observations now for you, whatever Anne mukhlis does, you copy. It’s sometimes difficult for ummi to let you boys rough it out but I’m slowly letting go. My motherly instincts just don’t want to let go but I think it’s time you learn how tough life is and you got to fight your way to get what you want. There will be bigger and older people who would want to push you around and show who is boss but you stand firm my boy and you’ll do fine. I’m also letting go so that you can get all the love you need from as many people as possible – the more informal support you have, the better InsyAllah.

You’re talking your way through baby talk and you seem to have spoken your first word and it isn’t ummi but papa which we figured you mean your maternal grandpa – vaapa. You differentiate between all the people in the family from ummi to baby Shukri. You’re learning to control your strength so you can gently stroke the little baby.

I miss you terribly while at work, worse on some days. Ummi have also recently started a 10 months course and I hope that would not take me away from you even more.

This Ramadan, ummi is fasting and nursing. It’s taking a toll on me but I’m persevering and Alhamdulilah Allah make it easy. You are coping well too. Now you eat normal food as well after your porridge and the cereals you eat. You just love to eat and discover many many tastes. Bread. Porridge from the mosque, egg and the ketupat in lontong, dates etc. You also laugh at the word ketupat!

At times when ummi is teaching you some cards, you sit and listen as you interact and grab the cards.

You are also faring well in your fine motor skipping stuff we are exposing you to, Alhamdulilah.

We have removed the cot so you can play freely and independently on the floor mat.

Month of transitions.

With unending love,
Your ummi


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